​   ​​​​​Hugs-n-Hearts Early Learning Center

Dear Hugs -n- Hearts family,

This letter is to inform you of the withdraw of our son, Andersen from Hugs-n-Hearts Early Learning Center.  We cannot thank you enough for the impact Hugs -n-Hearts has had on Andersen's scholastic development and upbringing.  Andersen will start Kindergarten at General Rosecrans Elementary in Sunbury, OH in August and I have no doubt that he is more than ready for this step because of the academic background Hugs-n-Hearts has provided him over the last year and a half.

Thank You, Scott & Amber Dills 

Hugs -n- Hearts is so much like "family"..we didn't want to depart..........

"It is with my regret that I am informing you that my child's last day at Hugs-n-Hearts ELC will be June 1.
I would also like to take this opportunity to thank you for all you have done while he has been enrolled at your center. My child has truly thrived in your enviroment and loves the care he is receiving. I have seen him progress emotionally and intellectually.  I am very confident in him starting Kindergarten next year and it would not have been without the education Hugs-n-Hearts ELC has provided him.

My child is currently in Paw Place and Ms. Christine is his teacher. She is very caring, supportive and structured with the kids. Her patience is amazing! I have seen her interaction with them, and continually hear my child speak of her. She is phenomenal! She is truly an asset to your company.

Again, I can't thank you enough for all you have done. Every experience we have had has been wonderful! I appreciate you and your flexibility!"

​Respectfully, Amanda Cassell

Regarding the entire staff, I have never met a group of people
                        who so passionately enjoy what they do!  
                                You have my utmost respect!

We are very appreciative of all you and your staff do for our children. You offer an outstanding atmosphere for our children.
Thank you so much for all you provide!

"Excellent program overall. My daughter's vocabulary has grown so much since attending
H & H! I could not imagine sending her anywhere else."

"Hugs -n- Hearts continues to excel. I recommend the program to everyone I know (many are now enrolled here!)  From the teachers, to the Administrators, to the families; there is a real sense of belonging here and that makes for happy kids and satisfied parents. Great Job!"

"We have always had positive experiences at Hugs -n- Hearts.  Everyone - including the administrators - has always had my child's best interest at heart.  All of the staff is courteous and respectful. Thank you!"

" I wanted to let you know how much your willingness and generosity expressed to our family in the past few weeks have been amazing and unexpected.  As we encountered many of the unknowns related to the government shutdown, it was absolute blessing for our family to have such as understanding displayed by you ( Pam O'Brien) and all of the accommodating staff at Hugs-n-Hearts.  This was another example of what a tremendous facility Hugs -n- Hearts is, however, we already knew this!  During the time-off, we were assured of how much our kids love going to Hugs as we answered the question of "Are we going to school today"? on a daily basis".

​Thank you so much,
Jared & Sarah Wheeler


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