​   ​​​​​Hugs-n-Hearts Early Learning Center

* Each school bus is equipped with a lap seat belt for each child!

* We provide the safest form of transportation!


Hugs-n-Hearts Early Learning Center prides ourself in offering the safest transportation possible. We provide full-size yellow school buses to transport children to and from school. Each school bus is equipped with a lap seat belt for each child. Our School bus drivers each hold a CDL ( Commercial Drivers License) and have a combination of over 30 years experience.  Our drivers take pride in providing the safest transportation available.

We are pleased to announce, we have added 3 brand new (61 Passenger) 2017 Thomas Built Buses to our fleet for the upcoming 2016-2017 school year! We feel that by updating our fleet of buses we are maintaining the most current and modern form of transportation possible!

Parent are provided with a code to enter into our electronic lock system!

Download Safety & Security Policies

Safety & Security policies at Hugs-n-Hearts Early Learning Center is prority and the safety and security of each and every child. Our staff takes every measure to ensure our parents that every child is safe and supervised at all times. The staff at Hugs-n-Hearts is trained and aware of making every effort possible to make sure your child is safe, happy and secure!

Our areas of focus include:


Photo identification must be presented from all visitors. All visitors will be greeted at the entrance of each building. A visitor picking a child up (must be an authorized person to pick up) and must show a photo identification. An authorized person picking up will be located in the childs enrollment information along with a brief description of the individual picking up. The front desk personnel will then have the visitor sign him/her out of the center for the day.

Secure Classrooms:

Parents and visitors will need a SECURED CODE to enter the building before entering a classroom. Every classroom is equipped with a phone for a teacher to verify a visitor, or if needed any questions about a drop off or pick up of an individual.

​​Secure Lobby:

Our front desk personnel is trained to verify every parent or visitor that enters our secure lobbies of all three buildings. All parents, are required to enter a secure PIN number when entering each building. Upon entering verification of all visitors are followed (please see Visitors) upon the entry into each lobby.

​​One-way Observation Window:

​In each classroom parents may observe their children at anytime during the day.  Hugs-n-Hearts encourages our parents to observe their child and staff thru our one-way observation window. Security is important to Hugs -n- Hearts and that's why by offering this observation feature it allows each teacher to continue their interaction with the children while parents view with no interruptions.

​Safety of Equipment Inside the classroom and Outside the classroom:

​As required by Ohio Department of Job & Family Services Hugs-n-Hearts Early Learning Center follows the guidelines of a quarterly inspection of our playground areas to ensure that equipment is inspected for rust,cracks,holes,splinters,sharp points or edges,chipped or peeling paint, toxic substances, protruding bolts and tripping hazards!  Hugs-n-Hearts ELC takes pride in the appearance of each and every classroom and part of this is the maintaining and maintenace of each classroom. Our maintenance staff makes it a prority to fix or repair or replace any furniture or equipment  to ensure the safety of each child. To view the entire playground or requirements please visit:


Safety & Security