​   ​​​​​Hugs-n-Hearts Early Learning Center

Where Caring Comes Straight From the Heart!

Miss Angela (Miller) continues to teach our extra curricular Spanish classes.
The children absolutely love the fun and energy that Miss Angela brings to the program!  Miss Angela will visit all three buildings throughout the week for spanish classes!

Miss Linda (McGarvey) brings a little bit of cooking magic to the center!  Linda can be found in the kid-friendly kitchen at the Campus, leading students in weekly, theme-related cooking classes.  Miss Linda also tends to the large herb and vegetable garden located on the grounds behind the H-N-H Campus.

Mr Tim (Loudermilk) continues to handle all accounts receivables. His office can be found at the
 H-N-H Campus.  Mr Tim has been a part of the Hugs family for 23 years! 
He is most easily reached for questions during the hours of 7 AM - 3 PM at the H-N-H Campus phone number; 540-2276

Miss Linda (Sandercock) will be around all 3 buildings. She will ensure that each and every child's paperwork is complete and up to date. She also oversees the supply ordering and managing all rosters and filing duties of all three buildings. Miss Linda is also in charge of all employee files making sure that In-service hours and credentials are all current. 

Building 8979

​You may be seeing Miss Jessica (Administrator) at the front desk of the 8979 Hugs -n- Hearts building.  Miss Jessica will be assisting in the classrooms and will be available for any questions you may have.

                                   Building 9005 (CAMPUS)

The Campus desk will be staffed by Miss Rita (Hollingsworth) and Miss Randi (Keene) throughout the day.  Afternoon will also have additional staff to assist with school-aged children and bus schedules.

Miss Amanda (Administrator) works at the front desk and is always available to answer questions and to assist children and parents throughout the center. Amanda is located at the front desk at building 8989.  

Owner / Director, Miss Pam (O'Brien) will be located 8989. Miss Pam's main office is located just inside the front door at 8989. Pam continues to be very busy with the overall operations of the Hugs-n-Hearts, H-n-H Campus & Hugs-n-Hearts North programs.  As Always, Pam is focused on making certain that each child at her center is receiving the highest quality care and that each parent feels that their child is learning and growing in a positive educational environment. 

Who are some of the faces you may
see as you and your families enter Hugs-n-Hearts and the H-N-H Campus.


Current Students