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Hugs -n- Hearts and H-n-H Campus provide care for children 18 months through 5th grade.​

​The teachers to child ratios are maintained as follows:

* Pooh's Place and Cub's Corner (18-24 Months) - 1 teacher to 5 toddlers: Max group size 10 (State ratio 1:7 / Maximum 14)
* Care Bears and Beach Bears Blvd. (24-36 Months) - 1 teacher to 6 toddlers: Max group size 12 (State ratio 1:8 Maximum 16)
* Corduroy's, and Circus Bear ( Young 3 year olds) - 2 teacher to 12 children: Max group size of 12 (State ratio 1:12)
* Berenstain and Rainbow ( 3 yr olds) 1 teacher with Max group size of 12 (State ratio1:12)
* Paddington Parkway (3 year olds) - 1 teacher to 10 preschoolers: Max group size 20 with
2 teachers (room divided) (State ratio 1:12)
* Paw Place, Teddy's Trail, Panda Parkway, ABC Bears, Tiki Bears (4 & 5 year olds) - 1 teacher to 14 preschoolers
with a class size of 14
* Kindergarten - 1 teacher to 12 students - Max class 18 (State ratio 1:18)
* Muffy's Lane & Kinder Hall ( Private Kindergarten ) - 1 teacher to 16 students: Max class size 16 ( State ratio 1:18)
  H-N-H Campus School-Aged Classroom - 1 to 18​

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Transportation is available during the school year to/from Worthington Park, Olentangy Meadows, Oak Creek, Freedom Trail, Glen Oak, Alum Creek, Hertiage and Arrowhead Elementary Schools.

​Hugs-n-Hearts ELC North Campus will provide transportation to Walnut Creek, Cheshire, Johnnycake Corners, General Rosecrans and Big Walnut Elementary.

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Ratio & Capacity

Kindergarten staff from professionals who hold a Bachelor's Degree in Early Childhood Education, Elementary Education or a closely related field.  Our teachers are not hired on a basis of Lead Teacher / Assistant Teacher; rather they are hired to work on an equal level and to team teach through a collaborative effort and sharing of ideas. Toddler teachers are selected for their combined experience and education, as well as their abundant capacity for nurturing. Parents will find that the great majority of our part-time / substitute staff are also upper - level college students, pursuing a degree in the field of education.

​Hugs-n-Hearts ELC makes the reduction of staff turnover a priority by attempting to compensate our staff with additional incentives, such as comprehensive benefits and opportunities for promotion.  
Our goal is to make Hugs-n-Hearts Early Learning Center a career choice for professional teachers.

​​We think your child is very special, with a unique curiosity to learn.  At Hugs -n- Hearts, we help children reach their full potential by encouraging their gifts and their strengths.

Our employees are our greatest asset! We foster open communication, teamwork and an attention to detail, required to provide superior services. Extraordinary effort is expected from our employees. We will foster an atmosphere in which our teachers feel that their work is truly valued - an atmosphere in which dedication, commitment and excellence are recognized and rewarded. We will help our teachers to develop their caregiving skills and enable them to do their jobs professionally and competently.

Parents will find that Hugs-n-Hearts ELC select its Preschool, Pre-K and 

Hugs-n-Hearts Early Learning Center is a Full -Day, educational child care program designed for working parents. It is a privately owned center, established in April 1994 and is owned/directed by:

Pamela O'Brien

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